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We have over 1,600 reviews on My Local Salon here are a few of the latest.... "Lovely to meet Linda today. 1st class treatment,very happy."
13 May 2022

"Absolutely wonderful experience at ambers today for my daughters first experience at getting her ears pierced. Linda was so welcoming, calming to my daughter who was slightly nervous ( she is only 8 years old ) she explained everything to us about after care . Would definitely recommend."
25 March 2022

"After having spent years as a nail biter, I approached Linda at Amber Beauty Salon to see if she would be willing to help me overcome and beat my horrible habit. It's still early days, but her advice, suggestions for products and treatment so far has already led to positive changes. I was embarrassed about the state of my hands, but her calm, non judgemental, supportive approach has helped me take baby steps towards the full set of long, healthy nails that I'm hoping for. I'm now confident that with Linda's help I'll see the results I want to see."
18 March 2022

"I went for a facial today. I was extremely nervous as I had only just started going out. I was comfortable from going into the cubicle. I had a beautiful facial. I really enjoyed my treatment."

9 March 2022

"Been going for years to Ambers. Linda is very professional and makes you so welcome. Come out floating."
24 Nov 2021
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A selection of testimonials from happy clients covering a range of treatments.  

IPL Treatment for Skin Pigmentation

"Some years ago I noticed what appeared to be a slighter larger than usual freckle on the back of my hand. I had recently returned from holiday and didn’t feel too concerned, as I expected it to fade along with my holiday tan. Rather than fade over the coming months, as the rest of my hand returned to it’s pre holiday paleness, the freckle actually stood out more. Over the next few years, the freckle grew in size (probably not helped by my then desire to feel the sun on my body at every opportunity). It finally came to a point where I felt disappointed every time I held out my hand, as the larger than ever brown freckle looked back at me. Beautiful jewelry and manicured nails only seemed to draw attention to ‘the problem’. Enough was enough, something had to be done!

It was whilst I was visiting the Ambers beauty studio that I sought advice from one of the Consultant’s. She explained the principle of intense pulsed light (IPL) – the energy heats up the affected area causing damage to the cells in the pigmented region, resulting in a gradual reduction in their visible appearance in the skin. It sounded plausible, but to be honest, I was slightly sceptical. Nonetheless, I agreed to a skin test and a full medical history was taken.

From the skin test the consultant was able to assess the approximate number of treatments I would need which then allowed me to calculate the cost. I agreed to go ahead feeling more positive.

The treatment involved a gel being applied to the back of the hand and then a small rectangular hand piece was placed on the skin which pulsed light through it. The procedure was a little uncomfortable with a tingling or stinging sensation during the treatment. Each session took around 15-20 mins. I ended up having 7 treatments. I should mention that initially after each treatment, the pigmentation looked far worse, as it brings the colour to the surface before it disperses.

By the end of the treatments my hands looked so much better – I would like to say more youthful, but at my age that would have been a miracle and not at all believable! The pigmentation on the back of my hands had virtually been eliminated and my large freckle had disappeared.

To maintain the look, the importance of keeping the hands protected from the sun was emphasised. Not easy for someone who loves holidays in the sun! Two years on, I can honestly say the results are still good, but of course the ageing process never stops and I am grateful to have benefitted from this new technology."

IPL Hair removal

"I am absolutely delighted with the results of the IPL hair removal treatments at Ambers. I have had my underarms, bikini line and lower legs treated and it has definitely made me feel more comfortable and confident!

Previously, I was shaving my underarms almost daily and was attending Ambers to have my leg and bikini line waxing every month. IPL has made this completely unnecessary now!

The therapist targets the area to be treated and the hairs do reduce after each session. The procedure is also much less painful than waxing!

I have been a client of Linda and her team for 18 years and the technique is carried out with genuine care and professionalism as well as with a friendly and welcoming approach. It is a great feeling in summer to get dressed without having to shave!" 

Nouveau Contour

Nouveau Contour Permanent Make-up

"I have recently had two procedures carried out: First, Nouveau Contour - eyebrow contours followed by Nouveau Contour - eye contours. On both occasions each procedure was fully explained and I felt very relaxed. I really can recommend any ladies wishing for a morale booster to visit Ambers beauty salon. Then you can grow older disgracefully like me with the help of a very professional team led by Linda."

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